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  RED STAG (Cervus Elaphus)

These are all free roaming wild animals, which were introduced in Argentina at the turn of the XX century and have become very prolific due to the lack of predators as well as having a lot of space to roam and feed on year round; the stags weigh between 350 and 500 pounds and the does between 260 and 370 pounds.

The trophy stags in Argentina are measured in CIC points; we consider a trophy head starting at 170 CIC points and from there up over 230. Silver medal racks are those over 191 points to 205 and above 206 is ranked as a gold medal trophy.

During the rutting season you will see the stags rounding up the does in large numbers in the valleys, so that is the way to locate the best animals, depending on the amount of females they gather. The females are the sentinels in this case and are the ones who are on the look out for danger; this is always the challenge when you are trying to get within shooting distance.

The stag hunting season in northern Patagonia starts on March 1 st and extends through April 30 th , the best Month for stalking is March and the prime dates are from March 5 th through March 31 st at which point the rut is at its peak.
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