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- 1Thermal underwear: thin mesh type and thick capilene or micropolar (shirt and pants).
- 2 pair of smart wool socks for cold weather and 4 pair of cotton socks for warm days.
- Shirts and pants (preferably scent lock or scent blocker equipment).
- 1 pair of warm pants and 1 pair of thin cammo pants, in both cases get waterproof gear.
- 1 shirt and 2 T shirts.
- 1 cammo waterproof jacket with detachable liner for warm weather.
- 1 thin wind stopper fleece.
- 1 pair of hunting boots (preferably waterproof canvas cammo).
- 1 cammo base ball cap and 1 fleece or wool hat.
- 1 pair of gloves.
- 1 small cammo back pack to carry essentials.
- 1 pair of binoculars, range finder (optional).
- 1 small flash light (we recommend LED lamps).


You are in Argentina for a week but you are spending most of the time on the ranch, therefore in your cammo gear most of the time.
After hunting is over at the end of the day, we take showers and dress in regular shirts and jeans.
Pack casual clothes and bear in mind that you can have laundry done therefore pack light.

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